Directions for arriving at Hilltop Camp Resort

Address: 4741 Ashville Hwy, Monticello, FL 32344

WARNING:  Some GPS’s, such as Google Maps, might take you on an unwanted back road.  Our entrance is directly off of Ashville highway. Do not follow a GPS away from Ashville highway. If possible, we recommend navigating to our “Hilltop Camp Resort” business pin, and paying attention to the following visible landmarks as you near our property:

If you are approaching from the west (driving eastbound) on Ashville Hwy:

You will see white fencing along the left-hand side of the road, with three large electrical transformers. Turn left onto the first paved driveway with the gate after the transformers.  See picture below:

If you are approaching from the east (driving westbound) on Ashville Hwy:

You will see white fencing on the right-hand side of the road. Turn right onto the paved driveway with the gate, just at the start of the white fencing. See picture below:


After entering driveway.

You will come up to a gate that looks like this. An entry code will be provided in your “upcoming reservation” email. Enter it on the keypad.

Proceed straight for about 1500 feet. Make a left turn on the first paved driveway. (See picture below)

The camping area is now on your left. Power pedestals are marked with the site numbers. Feel free to park in the site you reserved. We will also come out to help guide you to your site. If needed, call us at 1-850-725-3777.